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March 2024


Congress is still trying to work through all of the funding bills.  It will be an interesting visit to the Hill mid-April during MOAA’s Advocacy in Action event.  Please visit the MOAA Advocacy page to weigh in on our three targeted issues for this year. 

They are

1.) The Richard Star Act for those medically discharged before reaching the normal retirement time (20 years);

2.) Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) reform to repair the multiple-year reduction in BAH funding; and finally,

3.) Protecting TriCare for Life (TFL) an important issue for most of us!

On the state level, the VFW hosted a “Veterans’ Day at the Capital on March 13th.  There are several bills circulating through the Illinois Legislature.  Be watchful for calls to submit online witness slips when these bills move to decision time in their respective committees or when they make it to the floor.  As the number of veterans continues to decline, it becomes even more important for us to be informed and engaged in continuing to “Never Stop Serving” America’s (and Illinois) service members.


Semper Fi – Bob Tyler 

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