MOAA has announced the Advocacy-in-Action event for 2022.  We will need to set our teams by 28 February.  We are planning to use the same model as last year with a major push to find “constituents” to meet (hopefully at the Congressperson’s Illinois office) with everyone of our elected officials.  We still have 18 Representatives and 2 Senators as the new redistricting map with the loss of one Congressperson applies to the Congress that will be seated in 2023. Please canvas your members for interested “constituents” who would like to be on a team.  Col Richard Smith and I will be setting the teams initially using last year’s assignments. Let us know if we need to make changes.  The topics for 2022 are:

  • Military Pay Raise at 4.6% per the Employment Cost Index (ECI) :  MOAA supports the full pay raise for all and will guard against any reductions to fund pay-table overhauls.

  • The Richard Star Act:  This bill would end an unjust offset faced by tens of thousands of combat-injured retirees who were unable to complete 20 years of service due to their combat injuries. Retired pay is for completed years of service paid by DoD, while disability compensation is for lifelong injury paid by the VA. Two different payments for two different purposes. To reduce retired pay because of a disability is an injustice.

  • The Stop Copay Overpay Act:  This bill would reduce mental health copays that were more than doubled through military health system reforms. Mental health is increasingly important and getting attention on the Hill due to pandemic impacts and the effects of social media on children’s well-being. This issue impacts currently serving families on TRICARE Select, working age retirees and their families.


MOAA will provide more information, including issue papers, on our three topics in the coming weeks as we prepare to engage with Congress on these important issues.